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"Where you invest your love, you invest your life."

I miss you every day.

This is what I look like tonight.


Hey lookee there. It’s me and her!

From my 2005 diary. I was “in love” with a guy named Joe in my French class.

This is my face. I’m starting to enjoy my hair at this length, even if my bangs need to be pinned back.


It’s about time for a new picture, so here’s the best I could do.


This is my “Hey, thanks for following me, all 300 of you!” post. I understand that’s not the amount of people that actively follow/enjoy my blog, and a majority of them came for the boobs in the first place, but I appreciate it all the same.

(Side note: Clearly, this was taken earlier today, before the goddamn flood gates opened above the state of New Jersey.)

My $0.42 top from Twice Loved Treasures. I have a really intense love for loudly printed old women’s blouses that can be revived be young folks. Sometimes it’s just the addition of a hipster staple, like the owl pendant necklace, that makes it perfect.