Hey guys, if you’re here because I recently started following you, I want you to know this isn’t my blog anymore, unfortunately, but it will be the name that shows up when I like your posts. If you want to follow my current blog, send me a message and I’ll gladly direct you there. It’s just for personal reasons that I’m not making it public. Sorry for any confusion!

1 year ago on May 04, 2013 at 02:53pm

Hey guys! If you’re interested in following me, I’ve moved blogs. For personal reasons, I’m not making the name public, but if you send me something in my ask box, I’ll gladly send it your way. Thanks!

I have 6 months of music, television, news, and bullshit to catch up on. HOW.

Hey guys! I’m back, hopefully for good. Now, the question is: who remembers me and/or still wants to follow me? Like this post and I’ll send you my new blog.

I love you.



Red Bedrooms

The things that could be done with a bed like that :3

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I really want to promote this for all my female followers.

Take care of yourself purely for yourself. Remember to have confidence in the unique beauty that you have. If someone can’t see it, then move on sister.

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